This project models an In-Memory Relational Database Management System using facilities of a Functional Language. In particular, we use a flavor of ML (Meta Language) called OCAML (Objective Caml) to implement a working Relational Database Management System.


Initial Project Charter

Final Project Report (New!)

Project Status

File Description Completed Defines types and records to hold DBMS user data 7/20/06 OCAML functions to manipulate the DBMS user data - the Native API 7/20/06 Tests for the Native API 7/20/06
sqllex.mll Lex definition 7/30/06 Generated Lex file 7/30/06
sqlparse.mly Grammar definition 7/30/06 Generated Parser 7/30/06 Types for AST created by the parser 7/30/06 Interpreter for the AST - the SQL Interface 7/30/06 Main file 7/30/06

Code Packages

See the final project report or the readme.txt file in the package for instructions on how to execute this program.

Release 2: 7/30/06 (New!)

Release 1: 7/20/06

Last updated: July 30, 2006